Welcome to my little corner of the web! I'm so glad you're here.

About me:

I’m a hobbyist, geek, and maker from New York. A “digital nomad,” if you will. I like multimedia art, Red Bull, and “word of the day” newsletters. I don’t like having to talk about myself, but since this is the about page, I might as well give it a shot.

I love making things. Ever since I was a really little kid, I’ve been fascinated by cameras, computers, and the like. As a result, I’ve made my fair share of artwork, videos, code projects, and other miscellaneous creative ephemera. Most of my past work has been placed in an archived state, and I’m currently working on getting it all on the internet.

My skills include photography, filmmaking, interactive arts, web design, and air hockey.

About the website:

I’ve always loved the idea of the internet as a powerful creative medium. It is the publishing platform we all deserve. I especially love Neocities, the hosting service I use, because of the creativity and vibrancy of the websites on it. I wrote this website myself using HTML, CSS, and as little JavaScript as I could possibly get away with. I wanted to try to design a website that looked nothing like the clean, cutesy Squarespace templates that you usually see online. This website is pretty much just a giant mixed-media art piece to me. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever built.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Infrequently Asked Questions: