Mosaic is a programming language that I'm working on. It makes building websites as easy as writing a word document, with its highly symbolic and simple syntax.

Despite the name, EXTREMELYGRAPHIC is an art website. It holds art projects, exhibits, and other creative ephemera. It's like an art museum in the computer.

Hypermedia International is a movement to push people away from social networking platforms, and towards building their own websites.

Scrapboard is a social bookmarking platform designed to be user friendly and fun to use. No likes, no ads, no stats. Just you and your faves.

Unbox makes email easy. Your inbox is your to-do list, your emails organize themselves. Plus, it learns from you, so you never have to create an inbox rule again. It's email for humans.

Archaic is a better default stylesheet for documents on the web. It's sleek, responsive, and completely customizable. Plus, its pure CSS, so there's no chasing dependencies to make it work.

Geek Week is a week-long celebration of the projects and passions that make us who we are. From books to games, movies and TV, we celebrate it all!

Tango is a super simple social networking app. Record up to 15 seconds of video using your front-facing camera, and swipe up to send it.

Track4 is an app that replicates a 4-track recorder. With a realistic design and simple tools, you can forget about pedals and plugins, and get back to what really matters: your tracks.